Frequently Asked Questions

Will this trike kit bolt up to my bike?

  • Bolts up to 1984 and up Harley Davidson with the brackets in the kit
  • Bolts up to any Honda Valkyrie or Goldwing 1988 and up with the brackets in the kit
  • Suspension can be adapted to fit ALL chain or belt driven bikes
  • "Tilting" suspension with Tiltster - tilting mechanism is also an available option for all kits

What kits do you offer?

  • Independent Suspension Kit and all necessary brackets
  • Tiltster Upgrade
  • Fixed Axle - 33.5" & 41"
  • Fiberglass body kits
  • Conventional Tilt Body
  • Cobra
  • Detachable Body
  • Fender Kits
  • Turnkey Trikes
  • Raked Tree Kits engineered especially for your bike
  • We also offer a Rolling Chassis kit that includes everything you need to build a trike minus the motor, tranny, electrical and paint.

Why raked triple trees ?

  • Much easier steering
  • Eliminates front end wobble
  • Decreases front tire wear
  • Sportier look

How do I order a kit?

  • You can begin the buying process on our Order Page, or please contact us by phone at 214.467.0991

  • For additional questions, please send us an email!

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